Typical Agglomerated Coffee Specification

Product Description

agglomerated 3in1 coffeeThe process of production of agglomerated instant coffee is very similar to a spay-dried production that include several steps like milling spray-dried instant coffee to produce a milld powder. The cohesiveness of the powder is then adjusted to make it flow and bind together with slight compaction. It will form a shape structurally intact cluster after the adjustment. In order to produce agglomerated coffee, the spray-dried coffee is mixed with water and steam to covert them into agglomerated particles to form the coffee.

Agglomerated coffee available in the market usually is made with a blend of Robusta & Arabica Coffee. Agglomerated coffee manufacturers are usually reluctant to disclose the percentage of Robusta & Arabica beans used in the production of agglomerated coffee. For sizeable volume, industrial customers can opt for custom made blend of 100% Arabica or 100% Robusta beans in agglomerated coffee products.

MoistureMaximum 4,0%
DensityApproximately 240g/l-280g/l
Floating Particles (>0,5mm)Maximum 20
Plate countMaximum 5,000 cfg/g
Yeast and MouldMaximum 100 cfg/g
Escherichia coliMaximum 40 MPN/g


Our agglomerated coffee is packed into carton boxes with inner polythene liner weighing 25kg and approximately 6 metric tones per 20 fcl.

Shelf life

Our agglomerated coffee has a shelf life of 18 months starting from production date.


Our agglomerated coffee is best to keep in dry and cool place.