Typical Freeze Dried Coffee Specification

Product Description

Freeze dried coffee is produced differently from spray dried coffee. The coffee is brewed from ground beans and concentrated by partial evaporation and it will be sent to thefreezer immediately to prevent the large ice crystals that will cause slow freezing. The frozen coffee is then sealed in a chamber using a vacuum to remove the air to lower the air pressure. When the pressure is low, heat is applied to the frozen coffee by radiation or conduction to speed up the frozen water into gas. After the water content is vaporize, it is carefully drawn out of the chamber to condense back into water in a condenser. The vapour that was evaporated earlier is mixed back into the freeze dried coffee to strengthen the flavour.

freeze dried 3in1 coffee

Freeze dried coffee available in the market usually is made with a blend of Robusta & Arabica Coffee. Freeze dried coffee manufacturers are usually reluctant to disclose thepercentage of Robusta & Arabica beans used in the production of freeze dried coffee. For sizeable volume, industrial customers can opt for custom made blend of 100% Arabica or 100% Robusta beans in freeze dried coffee products.

MoistureMaximum 4,0%
CaffeineMinimum 2,0%
DensityApproximate 210g/l –230g/l
Total Plate CountMaximum 5000 cfg/l

Packaging and Storage

Our freeze dried coffee is packed into carton boxes with inner polythene liner weighing 25kg and approximately 6 metric tones per 20 fcl.

Shelf life

Our freeze dried coffee has a shelf life of 18 months starting from production date.


Our freeze dried coffee is best to keep in dry and cool place.