In Asia, 3in1 coffee mix is very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Korea. There is also increasing consumption by Chinese consumers especially in the coastal cities such as Shanghai, ShenZheng, GuangZhou and also the Capital, Beijing.

3in1 coffee came in to prominence during the 1990’s. Most of the 3in1 brands are relatively unknown prior to 1990. The explosive growth in 3in1 coffee consumption have made these previously small players into leading players.

Even major instant coffee producers such as Nestle, Maxwell Home, IndoCafe and Torabika have to follow the trend and come out with their new 3in1 coffee products.

The leading 3in1 Coffee brands are Maxim, Nescafe, Maxwell House, IndoCafe, MacCoffee, Birdy, Kopiko, Mr. Cafe, Gold Roast, Good Time, Super Coffee mix, Buddy Dean, Premier Coffee, Gold Kili, Super One and Mikko.

3in1 founders are proud to have been associated with leading brands. We have been involved in the development of 3in1 coffee since 1993 and are serving many of these brands owners for well over 16 years.