Typical Spray Dried Coffee Specification

Product Description

Spray dried coffee is produced using fresh coffee grounds to come into contact with hot water using industrial brewers, forming the coffee product that is needed to be concentrated through evaporation. During the evaporation, coffee liquid will be created and some aromas from the coffee will be removed so that it can be stored as an instant product. The coffee liquid will then moved into an atomizer (an apparatus for reducing liquids to fine spray) to break into small droplets and they will lose their water content when they come interact with the drying gases. From here spray dried coffee is formed after the particles is suspended in the air and separated through a centrifugal force.

spray dried 3in1 coffee

Spray dried coffee available in the market usually is made with a blend of Robusta & Arabica Coffee. Spray dried coffee manufacturers are usually reluctant to disclose the percentage of Robusta & Arabica beans used in the production of spray dried coffee. For sizeable volume, industrial customers can opt for custom made blend of 100% Arabica or 100% Robusta beans in spray dried coffee products.

MoistureMaximum 4,0%
DensityApproximate 220g/l - 260g/l
Floating Particles (>0,5 mm)Maximum 20
Black SpecsMaximum 20
Plate countMaximum 1,000 cfg/g
Yeast and MouldMaximum 100 cfg/g
Escherichia coliMaximum 40 MPN/g


Our spray dried coffee is packed into carton boxes with inner polythene liner weighing 25kg and approximately 6 metric tones per 20 fcl.

Shelf life

Our spray dried coffee has a shelf life of 18 months starting from production date.


Our spray dried coffee is best to keep in dry and cool place.