New 3in1 Coffee Trend

indocafe cuppocinoAs the consumers got bored with the standard fares of Spray Dried Coffee, non-dairy creamer and refined cane sugar, 3in1 producers are now creating variations to the standard fares.

Instead of using spray dried coffee, freeze dried coffee is now being introduced to produce premium and better tasting 3in1 coffeemix. Health ingredients such as Ginseng, Lingzhi, Collagen, Oligofructose, Vitamin, Calcium and Tongkat ali are being added to add health claims to the products. 3in1 coffeemix with healthy slant are particularly popular with multi-level marketing companies in Asia. But we are seeing more and more of these products being sold in larger supermarkets nowadays.

Finely ground roast and ground coffee powder are added in some 3in1 brands. The roast and ground powder gives more punch and body to the instant coffee mix.

Whereas most non dairy creamer is only soluble in hot water, there are now non dairy creamers that are completely soluble in cold water. With the advancement of cold soluble non dairy creamers, we will see more 3in1 coffee mixes produced along the line of ice coffee blend.

This is likely to set a new trend in cold soluble 3in1 coffeemix. Think about Starbucks' Frappuccino, and one has a good picture of what is to come.