The standard and most common 3in1 coffeemix is a 20g sachet. Though there are now 7g, 12g, 15g and 18g sachets in the market.

Most of the 3in1 coffeemix are drunk as hot beverages. Though there are now cold soluble 3in1 coffeemix. A variant that is gaining popularity is the 3in1 Cappuccino mix. This is currently consumed as hot beverage. But non-dairy creamer manufacturers are investing on the development of cold Cappuccino foamer to enable 3in1 coffee powder to develop an instant ice blend.

Another emerging star of 3in1 coffee arena is Malaysia produced Old Town White Coffee. This product has strong taste and aroma due to better ingredients and bigger content of 25g to 40g.

Apart from the standard 3in1 coffee, there are numerous variants in the market now. Flavoured 3in1 are now available for most 3in1 brand.

These flavoured 3in1 coffee carry the same labels as their more established erstwhile variants sold in coffee chains such as Starbucks.

To list a few:

  • 3in1 Espresso
  • 3in1 Latté
  • 3in1 Cappuccino
  • 3in1 Mocha
  • 3in1 Irish Cream
  • 3in1 French Vanilla
  • 3in1 Hazelnut

The list are almost endless.